Minecraft 3D is a realistic resource pack that adds 3D looking blocks and items without sacrificing too much processing power. Feel free to share this texture pack with the mcpedl link.

With this 3D texture pack created by Lvzbx the game will apply realistic 3D textures that will amaze you. (also known as LvzBx Default Minecraft 3D) 

Minecraft 3D Pack Images: 


-textured all cherry blocks/items/entities

-textured suspicious gravel

-textured pottery patterns

-textured the brush

-textured calibrated sculk

-and more!


  • Click the “Download” button and that will take you to Linkvertise, after you complete the steps, you will be met with Mediafire. That’s how you download it.
  • If you want to update our old 3D textures to a newer version you will need to delete the old 3D pack in Settings > Storage > Resource Packs.
  • If your game is stuttering when you're using this 3D texture pack, try downloading another resolution.