Tired of searching for coal and making stacks of torches to light up a cave??  looking for bedrock 1.18 addon , if so then this addon is for you....

Dynamic lighting includes oh having an item, be it a torch or an item which can give light like lava bucket, by having these items in hand, which light up around you. But having redstone torch in your hand will illuminate little light.
Having a soul torch will light up immediately.
Having a lava bucket or torch will light up around you.

*Requirements -
1.Minecraft Pe Version 1.18 +
2.Use Experimental Gameplay ( If Needed)

*Extract Process -1.Download Mod !
2.Use Z Archiver Or File Manger And Extract Your Mod To Minecraft Mods Folder !

All Credits Goes To Their Respective Creators So Please If You Creator Of Any Mod Let Me Know I Will Definitely Respect You And Give You Full Credit As Per Your Choice  !