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✅Car Insurance For Young Drivers In UK, USA, And India | Why It’s So Expensive And How To Save

Young drivers are often hit with much higher car insurance premiums. And while there’s nothing you can do about your age, there are a few ways you can reduce your costs. In this video, I’m going to talk about why car insurance for young drivers is so expensive and seven key ways you can save. Plus, we’ve also included a handy checklist so you can make sure you’ve thought of everything before taking out your car insurance policy. Why it’s so expensive

✅Why it’s so expensive – Car insurance for young drivers
Young drivers are those between the ages of 17 and 25. The reason why these policies are so expensive comes down to three things:

1. Lack of experience. If you fall in this age bracket chances are you’ve only been driving for a few years or have just recently passed your test.

2. And this is more than a sweeping statement. Studies have found that 17-25-year-olds are statistically more likely to get into road accidents. And you can’t argue with maths!

3. The final reason could be the fact that this is the first car insurance policy you’ve taken out, so you haven’t built up any claims bonus yet which could help to reduce your premiums in the future. There are a number of other things that will affect the cost of your car insurance, like the make and model of your car and where you live, but these factors will apply across every age group.
✅7 ways you can save – Car insurance for young drivers

In the UK you are legally required to have at least third-party cover, but here are seven potential ways you could save. Black box car insurance Since risk and inexperience are two main reasons why young drivers’ car insurance policies are so high, one way to reduce them is to prove you are a safe driver. And you can do this by taking out telematics or “black box” car insurance. This type of policy involves having a black box fitted into your car which monitors your driving performance. The idea is the safer you drive, the lower your premiums. It’s worth noting that some black box policies come with curfews and restrictions on how far away from your registered home you can drive. And, if you’re genuinely not a safe driver, your premiums will go up. Temporary car insurance If you only use your car when you’re back from university or visiting family and friends and need to borrow their car, consider getting temporary car insurance. With temporary car insurance, you can insure your car for short periods of time, usually between 1 and 28 days.
Getting your parents involved Adding yourself to your parent’s policy, or adding them to yours, can help lower premiums because of their age and experience. Some insurers will also offer a multi-car discount. Be aware that it is illegal in the UK to list yourself as a named driver, if you are in fact the main driver, to take advantage of lower premiums. Only use this hack if it genuinely suits your circumstances. Avoid monthly payments If you can, try to pay your premium off in one blob. Increase your access Increasing your excess, which is the minimum amount you have to pay out towards any claims you make, can make your overall premium cheaper. Just ensure you don’t raise it above an amount that you can afford to pay out of pocket. Choose a small safe car Choosing a small, safe car with easy-to-find parts will help keep costs down; as well as increase your car’s security and avoid adding unnecessary modifications. Shop around The best way to get the best deal is to shop around and compare as many policies and providers as you can. Some insurers will also offer price matches to cheaper policies you find online, so get hunting for those sweet deals. There’s no one policy that guarantees to be cheaper for all young drivers. Check out our full list of ways you can save and compare your policy options at links are in the description below.

✅Car insurance checklist for young drivers

When it's time to lock down some car insurance, use this checklist to ensure you've covered all your bases.

1. Start by thinking about what kind of driver you are and how often you use your car, as this could lead you towards a more tailored policy like a black box or temporary car insurance.

2. That being said, before you look at more tailored policies, it's a good idea to initially research regular car insurance aka the third party, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive cover. This way, you've got a solid overview of all of your options and you may even find you get a great deal at this stage.

3. If none of these options suits you, now's the time to look into policies more tailored to your personal circumstances.
4. Once you've picked the right policy for you, consider any optional extras like breakdown cover, courtesy car cover, or protected no claims.

5. As well as adding cover, think about any optional extras you can get rid of. For example, trailer insurance if you're not going to be towing a trailer.

6. Next, factor in any payment plan options. As mentioned before, it will usually work out cheaper if you can afford to pay your premium in one go.

7. Remember, there's no such thing as the perfect policy, so really the key is to balance your cover needs with a reasonable price.

8. Once you've paid for your car insurance, your provider will then send you over your policy documents. It's a great idea to store your documents somewhere safe and

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