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Find them in the desert at daytime. Tameable by riding (like a horse). You can saddle (2-seater!) and steer them, leash them, and add chests (same as a llama).


Sniffer is the first mob to vote in this Minecraft live 2022 here a little look at my own concept of what the sniffer would be like and some of its mechanics seen in the trailer (it should be noted that it can change) .


can you find it? This mob shown in Minecraft live will be one that can play hide and seek with it, as has already been seen in the videos, it can be made transparent and since it was easy to find we made it transparent to make it harder to find this one can be teleported in a cube radius 32 2 32.

A tuff golem.

(can't pick up items from the ground due to a bug at the moment) Right click or interact with an object in your hand use your free hand to remove it watch as your Netherithe sword is displayed enchanted then it will fall asleep and wake up again 

It has 16 clothing designs when spawning it, give it the color wool you like 

to spawn it you have to craft the polished tuff and put a pumpkin on top.

Bamboo Planks

Chikorita Lover's Bamboo Burnishes is a vanilla-style add-on for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition that adds new, bamboo-related blocks to the base game! These new blocks are bamboo planks, bamboo pillars, and bamboo lanterns, all of which provide many new building opportunities.

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